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Back to the land of the living


Gosh, sorry. It’s been ages since I blogged. I’ve been in a sort of milky blur of baby stuff for weeks now.

The Rock God is back to work tomorrow so it’s back to real life with a bump, and The Chums are at home all week (half term) so it will be CHAOS here I expect. I started minding again last week and it’s been lovely, the toddlers have just slotted right back in and have been adorable, and they both treat the baby like a cute and delicate new toy. There’s lots of ‘awwww MY baby’ and ‘baby poo bum’ from them both. The latter is a statement of fact, not an insult, I’m sure.

Yesterday started out much like any other Saturday. The Rock God took The Boy to football while The Pie and I pottered round the house, I was mostly feeding the baby all morning. Then when they got back, RG made some cupcakes with The Pie overseeing. Or perhaps it was the other way round, I wasn’t paying attention.

As the day wore on, RG suggested a takeaway for the two of us, and bribed The Chums with their favourite tea (Pot Noodles followed by Ben and Jerry’s, oh the shame). He then went into a frenzy of tidying, roping in The Chums to help with the hoovering. I was aware that SOMETHING was afoot but couldn’t work it out. He then suggested I put proper clothes on (as opposed to pjs) and maybe some make up, as we were having a ‘date night’ type of thing and he was going to shave and dress smart-ish.

Hmm, I thought. What’s all this then? Last time he was all shifty and suggested we dress up for an evening in, he proposed to me.

So off I went to get dressed. Oh, I must show you my New Boots while I think of it. Looky:

Anyway, I put my boots and some clothes on. And then my friend A turned up. With wine. Which is always very welcome. So we chatted for abit, and cooed over the baby, and then I got up to pour some drinks and there was a knock at the door. More friends! A whole party’s worth (almost)! Yes, my lovely husband and friends had cooked up a plot, the scheming ratbags.

They had decided that I needed some Fun, and as I couldn’t go out in search of Fun, Fun would come to me. Yes, dear readers, it was curry, wine and Singstar night. Huzzah!

The Little Chum chose that time to get all fractious and fussy (which he hardly ever does, it was clearly all too exciting what with all the guests  and possibly the wine ) and wouldn’t settle, he was fed and clean and had got into a temper (altogether now, overtired), so RG took him upstairs and my friends sat on me to stay downstairs. He went to sleep with RG and stayed that way for the next four hours.

I had a wonderful evening with the girls, watched X-Factor, ate far too much, put the world to rights and caught up with the gossip. Much needed. Oh yes, and I did singing. Lots of lovely and no doubt tuneless singing. All is well with the world, I have got my Singstar groove on.

So huge thanks to my lovely husband and wonderful friends. I love you all to bits.






I thought I’d update on life with the baby after almost a week.

I’m so in love.

I seem to waste hours just staring at him, and sniffing his head, and stroking his tiny hands and staring at him a bit more.

We have had a steady stream of visitors bearing gifts and love and trying to have conversations with me, while I sit on the sofa, eyes a bit glazed, staring at the baby.


The night times have been interesting. And prime ground for overthinking and second guessing every choice. The first few nights I slept with him in my arms, mostly. Then we thought we ought to get him used to settling in his own bed, at least for part of the night. So we had one good night where I put him in his moses basket after every feed and he slept for an hour or two, and then one ‘bad’ night where he wouldn’t settle in his basket and griped and farted and wriggled all night. So now we’re back to him sleeping in my arms, or next to me in bed. He’s happy, I’m happy, the Rock God’s happy. Rod for my own back? Yeah baby.