I thought I’d make this a little introductory post. In the interests of politeness, and all that.

Well, there’s me, I’m Sam. I’m very pregnant and mostly whinging about it. More on that later.

Then there’s my husband, a mate of mine christened him the Rock God so we’ll use that here.

We have two children, The Pie is a seven year old machiavellian genius who is plotting to take over the world. She likes princesses and violence. The Boy is nearly nine and has inherited his mother’s innate ability to procrastinate and avoid hard work. He likes anything with a screen.

Then there’s the one I’m incubating. Blank canvas so far, although judging by the kicks he’s going to be an Irish Dancer.

We have a big, mad extended family who mostly live very nearby. I’m sure they’ll feature in my posts too.

I’m not sure at all how interesting anyone else will find this but we’ll give it a go.


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