Monthly Archives: January 2013

January 2013. Where I get all frugal and buy a car.


Which is not as much of a contradiction as it sounds, I promise.

After collapsing in conniptions at the carnage we created on our credit card at Christmas, the Rock God and I have vowed to make 2013 the Year Of The Big Savings™.

Combined with my alcohol free January (I’m not just doing it for my liver, but for Cancer Research, hey, you can sponsor me if you like, and the usual January hibernation, we are approaching the end of this month feeling pretty bloody rich. Now we just have to keep it up for the next eleven months.

This week, in a frankly brilliant display of bodged logic, I decided that my old Hyundai was a money pit that I wasn’t prepared to invest in further, and that buying a new (ish) shiny S-max with a whole host of interesting gadgets and pretty displays was not just a good idea, but would SAVE us money as well. The Rock God is less convinced of its money saving attributes (well, that was a stretch, really) but everyone’s been drawn in by its shiny loveliness, so that’s a win.

So I am doing the Dance of the New Car, and the Dance of the No Booze for a Month AND the Dance of the Money in the Bank.