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The tree that fell


There were some cracking winds here the other night. Now me, I love a storm, it appeals to my dramatic nature and somehow I always feel more ‘up’ when the weather is wild.

There is a funny and useless vent in my front room, under the window, and when it rains (especially if there’s a good measure of wind too) it makes the most incredible noise. It sounds like hailstones indoors. It’s great. Or I think so, at least.

The Boy is less of a fan of the weather and our noisy, creaky house. So I had a bleary, sleepy cuddle from him at ten pm, one of those rare and precious moments when my tweenaged and serious big boy becomes my vulnerable and needy baby again for a while, and I get to squeeze him tight and sniff his sweaty little head. He’s growing up so fast and while I’m enjoying seeing glimpses of the man he’ll become, I do occasionally miss him being a cute and biddable small child.

Mind you, he can now make me cups of coffee and will stack the dishwasher if threatened with menaces so it’s not all sad.

Sunday morning brought the exciting news that a TREE had gone down in the storm! And, even better, it had entirely missed any houses, people or cars, so enjoying the spectacle was a guilt free pleasure. My little mindee, the Littlest Chum and me all went for a squizz of it earlier.


There is a small child for scale in this picture. As you can see, it’s an impressive tree.

Think about trees. They are huge, solid, with great big roots anchoring them to the ground. They live for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. And then a big gust of wind in just the wrong place, from just the wrong direction, can rip it out of the ground and throw it over. Like a giant toddler chucking his train across the room in a temper.

I think that’s why I like storms. They’re like Mother Nature losing her rag with the world and having a big old ranty foot-stamping tantrum. I can relate to that.



Hello darlings. Did you miss me?


I am so sorry for not blogging for AGES. Real life had taken over and my writing ability took a complete nosedive.

I shall give you a brief rundown on the last six weeks or so.

Firstly: the wonderful and usually superhero-esque Rock God was struck down with what I assumed was a touch of the poorly tum-tums. To be fair, the Chums had both had the trots  dodgy tummies in the preceding days, so it wasn’t a huge leap to assume he had the same.

After spending the day in bed, the pain in his stomach was only getting worse so he called his parents for a lift to the Out Of Hours surgery (it was a Sunday evening and I’d had wine). He didn’t even make it that far, he was writhing around in such pain in the car that they went straight to A&E.

The Doctor took one look at him, prodded his stomach, said, ‘yes, that’ll be your appendix then’ and they took him in for surgery.

His appendix had ruptured, necrotised and was facing the wrong way. Blee. My poor darling husband had to have four weeks off work, plus a week of part time hours. He’s just now starting to feel normal, and was back to gigging (although not at full pelt) last night.

As you can imagine, I have been the very epitome of doting wifey/nursemaid, with not a hint of irritation or short temper and ready with cool flannels to mop his weary brow. liar liar pants on fire

What else? Oh, the kitchen is finished, sort of. I still need to paint some bits but other than that it is BEAUTIFUL. I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE my dishwasher and my self cleaning oven, I really can’t. They are life changing delights of wonderfulness.

I tried my hand at wallpapering yesterday, I did an ok job for a beginner but when I got up this morning there were some whacking great gaps between the last few drops (see how professional I am? DROPS. That’s a technical term right there), so I’ve ripped those bits down and will redo them today. The rest looks lovely though.

This bit looks awesome.







The rest, not so much:








Still, it was a learning curve and I can now add wallpapering to the Big List Of Things I Can Do A Bit But Just Not Brilliantly. Along with painting walls, baking cakes and playing the piano. Oh and probably parenting. And housework.

Other news: The Pie turned eight. We all went to the farm and saw the animals and went on a pony ride. Well, mine was a friffing SHIRE HORSE actually. I queued up with all the other children for a ride and asked for a go and the girl running the show looked me up and down and said ‘you’ll have to go on the big horse that we bring out for fat heifers like you’. The Pie had a lovely time with all her lovely friends and it was a brilliant day.

The Boy has developed an obsession with Greek myths, thanks to the Percy Jackson books (these are fab by the way). I am massively encouraging this as it’s MUCH poncier to be able say ‘my son has an interest in Classical History’ than it is to say, ‘yeah, he likes StarWars’. Hehe.

The Littlest Chum is an eating machine, much like his father. At seven and a half months he has already eaten vegetable curry, dauphinoise potatoes, roast dinner and, er, chips. It is an absolute delight to watch him stuff fists full of food into his smiley mouth, he is just such a cheery chum and has taken over the household completely. We are all in his thrall.

Right, I am off to finish my decorating before enjoying the rest of this rainy Sunday with The Chums. See you all soon xx