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Happy New Year!


Dinner is in the oven and I have some time, so I thought I’d wish you all a Happy New Year.

I say this every year, but honestly every year seems to go quicker and quicker. I don’t know how it’s been a whole year since last Christmas, for example, and I’m starting to think someone is stealing days from me.

Unbelievably, Rob and I are heading into our seventh year together. Seven years! That’s like, a really long time. We’ve been married for three of those years and we have a two year old. Not to mention the fact that our older two are eleven and nine. I feel like I’ve missed the passing of time somehow because how are all those numbers at all possible? I’m apparently thirty four, which is insane as only a few years ago I was a teenager. And all my babies are no longer babies. Well, except the Littlest Chum, who will be The Baby when he’s forty, I expect.

This year has seen some big changes and some smaller ones.

We had to go to court because we needed passports for the Chums, and we came out of that with joint residency, giving Rob parental responsibility. Going to court wasn’t something we chose to do, or did lightly, or did because we had a grudge. It was something we had to do because we needed passports and residency. No matter how much some people would love to make it into a drama and a battle and something we did out of spite, it really, really wasn’t. And it cost us more than a small car or a new bathroom. But it’s done now, and we can all move on with our lives.

I woke up one morning early in the year and decided I wanted to make a big change. No more Childminding. Time for something completely different. So I started applying for various jobs and then one fell in my lap, they had seen my CV online and asked me for interview. I’ve been there for four months now, and I am LOVING it. I work with an amazing bunch of people, my job is interesting and varied, I get to travel a bit and meet people and use my brain and speak to grown ups and it’s just FAB. That was one of my better life changing decisions, I have to say.

The Pie had her ears pierced. That rocked me a bit, oddly. It felt like a bit of a watershed moment. She’s nine, and we’re starting to see glimpses of the sensitive, beautiful adult she will be. Only glimpses, mind you, before she reverts back to irritating her brothers and answering me back. Bless her.

I went blonde. That’s a fairly big change, I suppose, if a bit of a shallow one. After years of home hair cuts and bad dye jobs I decided to commit to a hairdresser and a proper style and I wish I’d done it years ago. Although it is rather eye wateringly expensive.

The Littlest Chum has learned all his numbers without me even realising, and delighted us all at MIL’s house by pointing out the numbers on the playing cards. That’s a parenting win, I’ve managed to teach him that without actually doing any, erm, teaching. Next up, complicated algebra and quantum theory.

My biggest boy made me very proud by putting himself forward for the school council. He downplayed it a lot to us, but he’d prepared a Powerpoint and canvassed for votes and won the election. It may not seem like a big deal but for him it really is. I could burst.

I’m so proud of all my babies, actually. They are a joyous little crowd, despite the odd squabble. It’s never a dull moment, at least.

So that’s the year, or some of it, in bite sized chunks. I am looking forward to the next year and ready to face it head on. I have a wonderful family and amazing friends and our lives are full of enough love and laughter to bring light to the darkest of times. So bring it on, 2014!

Love and kisses xx


Happy Birthday To Meeeeee!


It’s my thirty mumble mumble something birthday today!

I love birthdays, I don’t really mind about getting old older and I love being a spoilt princess for the day (quiet at the back, you lot).

This year’s was shaping up to be blinking rubbish, though. I have been feeling crappy since Monday and it all got a bit much yesterday and I ended up in hospital. No big drama, everything’s fine now but bloody hell I’m pants at being ill.

I cried at the GP, I sobbed in the hospital, I was generally a pathetic wreck. God help me if I ever have anything serious to deal with because I was a mess.

So now I’m on enforced bed rest, which would be like the Best Illness Ever if it weren’t my birthday and Christmas.

My Rock God Superhero has been a star and pampered me rotten. He cleaned the whole house today and has just this minute handed me a home cooked venison pie. I’m eating it with one hand and typing this on my new Kindle with the other. It’s flaming wonderful. The pie and the Kindle both.

My parents bought me a proper grown up watch, which is gorgeous, my sister made me a hamper of food and booze, my friends have given me books and candles and smellies and bling and its all just perfect and birthdayish.

The chums have been alternating between being sweet to me as its my birthday and being completely effing mental because of the Christmas hype. We’ve watched several films and had some snuggles and they’ve helped me open presents and eat goodies (gravadlax and caviar, and Belgian chocs).

I’ve had gifts and wishes from all my amazing family and my wonderful friends, far away and close to home, and I’m feeling very festive and safe and cosy.

So now it’s the evening, and I’m eyeing up the prosecco wondering if I should brave a delicious fizzy creamy birthday tipple (I’m guessing probably not) and reflecting on how blessed I am, that those around me rally round to make sure I have a day fit for a Queen even when I’m a shivering sweating mess.

And, like the Queen, I am going to have another birthday tomorrow where I can eat cake and be toasted at my parents’ house. Its a tough gig, being royalty, but one copes.