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MacDonalds Sauce Pots. And How I Love The Holibobs.


I really do.  This year, anyway.

It has come as a great surprise to me, actually, as last year was HIDEOUS and I was a wrung out gibbering mess by the beginning of September. That may have been more to do with pregnancy hormones, SPD and fatigue than the fault of The Chums, to be fair.

But so far this summer we have had (more often than not) fun filled days of joy and delight, instead of rage filled days of bickering and fighting. This is despite the disappointing weather and tighter budget.

Here are some highlights in glorious technicolour:

The Pie spent a happy afternoon making pots on her pottery wheel, something she has been clamouring to do for a while now.











The Boy and my little brother went on a tree climbing expedition in the park:

The Littlest Chum has discovered a love of swings, and has taken his first few wobbly steps.











We have been on several fantastic days out: to the park, to the farm, to the stables, to visit friends. We’ve celebrated the Lovely Rock God’s 37th birthday with a trip to town to buy him a Nerf Gun (not for his own benefit, you understand, but so he can have Nerf battles with The Chums. We believe you, my darling).

We’ve marked our 2nd wedding anniversary (yesterday) by spending the day all together and being Morantic™.

We have had friends and family round for dinner and been out a couple of times for lunch. It’s been really lovely, quite full on most days and we’re all exhausted, but massively worth it.

But NOTHING so far has topped my discovery in Macdonalds the other day. Brace yourselves.

DID YOU KNOW that those silly little paper pots for ketchup/brown sauce, the ones that you can’t fit a whole chicken nugget in to dip, actually (I can barely contain my excitement) EXPAND? You just have to pull the edges out gently.

Seriously. On the list of ‘Things I Never Knew I Needed To Know But Which Now I Know Have Changed My Life In A Small But Impactful Way’, this is #1.


So now you no longer have to eat half your nugget before dipping it in ketchup.  You can thank me later xx