I thought I’d update on life with the baby after almost a week.

I’m so in love.

I seem to waste hours just staring at him, and sniffing his head, and stroking his tiny hands and staring at him a bit more.

We have had a steady stream of visitors bearing gifts and love and trying to have conversations with me, while I sit on the sofa, eyes a bit glazed, staring at the baby.


The night times have been interesting. And prime ground for overthinking and second guessing every choice. The first few nights I slept with him in my arms, mostly. Then we thought we ought to get him used to settling in his own bed, at least for part of the night. So we had one good night where I put him in his moses basket after every feed and he slept for an hour or two, and then one ‘bad’ night where he wouldn’t settle in his basket and griped and farted and wriggled all night. So now we’re back to him sleeping in my arms, or next to me in bed. He’s happy, I’m happy, the Rock God’s happy. Rod for my own back? Yeah baby.




About Just Some Stuff About Us

I live in West Sussex with three bonkers children and a Rock God for a husband. I'm somewhere in my thirties but I frequently have to count on my fingers to remember where exactly. I like to talk about myself and my chums. Some people like to read it.

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  1. no such thing as a rod for your own back at this age. If he’s still doing it at ” years, then fair enough! Enjoy it while it lasts xxx

  2. What a sweetie. Don’t worry about rods and backs – I’m sure you’ll do just as you feel is right and everything will be fine. I am not a believer in rods for backs (in fact the few people who have said that I was making one for mine were put right very quickly and the one who insisted isn’t getting an Xmas card this year!)

    He’s lovely. Congratulations!

  3. Whatever works for you is right! I had trouble putting belle down and still do now, but that is cos she clings to my leg like a koala to a tree!
    You sound so happy and that’s a great.
    May you “the rock god” and the kids be stupidly happy together for ever and ever!

  4. Baby William is beautiful!
    I am very broody reading your story of new baby smells and cuddles.
    I want one tooo!
    Enjoy this special time together

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