Monthly Archives: November 2013

Ooh, Winter.


Morning, everyone! I am writing this while wrapped in a blanket. I haven’t dared open the curtains yet because it’s a) still dark and b) freezing.

I went to bed in fleece pyjamas, which was toasty. But of course then it made getting in the shower this morning a herculean task which I was not prepared to face at 6.30am, so I had a nice hot bath instead.

I love the winter, moans about the cold aside. I was in London yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL. The air was really crisp and cold, lots of the trees were still Autumnal and orange, the sky was icy blue and clear and it was just a perfect day, really.

I didn’t envy Rob this morning, out there at the crack of dawn scraping ice from his car. My car does that for me. The two things I was insistent about when buying it were a heated windscreen and a bluetooth connection. These small things make my life immeasurably easier. Yes, I know I’m spoilt and a bit petty, but I like to be warm and comfy, and I like to chat to people while driving.

Of course, the really good thing about the winter months is the FOOD! We are having curry for the third time since Saturday. I made a big batch of curry sauce (from the Curry Secret book) and so far we’ve had two wonderful Chicken Jalfrezis. Tonight’s offering is Lamb Madras. It is a bit faffy (well, espcially when compared to ringing for a takeaway) and it makes your kitchen smell of onions for days. But blimey it’s delicious.

I love winter food. Soups and stews and pies and bakes. I find that by October I am fed up with salads and ‘chicken and’. Winter is for carb heavy, flavourful comfort food. Including chips n gravy. Which, as you may already know, I have perfected. Home made oven chips, grated mozarella from a packet, Chicken Bisto thick enough to stand a spoon in. Utterly glorious.


Ooh, look at the time. I need to get ready for work. And I really should open the curtains.

Have a lovely day, see you soon xx