Oh, it makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Everyone seems to have been happy and smiling this weekend. It’s been one of my favourite weekends for a long time.

We had three early morning  viewings on Saturday (well, 9.30 is early on a weekend) so we were up and out. We went up to Mum and Dad’s and chipped about for a bit, my Dad took the Pie off for her Saturday riding lesson, the Littlest Chum charmed everyone by being cute and clever, and my Big Boy made me cry by trying on a jumper for the secondary school he’s off to in September. My heart was full.

The we went home and sorted out the gardens. I may have mentioned before that this house has a stupidly large front garden for people who are frankly crap at horticulture. It’s basically a daily (well, bi-monthly, really) battle against the weeds and grass, which we rarely win. Yesterday though, in a stroke of parenting genius, I bribed the Big Boy with the promise of extra screen time to ‘pull up anything that’s brown’. And he did! Masterfully. I think he has just bagged himself a new regular chore. Rob mowed the lawns and tidied up but unfortunately I couldn’t pitch in as the Littlest Chum had fallen asleep in my lap. So I had to sit on the sofa and relax while they worked. Shame.

The Pie made her way over to her Aunt’s and convinced her that she should have a sleepover there. I believe this was win/win for my sister as the Pie is old enough and occasionally sensible enough to handle my nieces (2 and 4) with minimal adult supervision and create exciting and entertaining distractions for long enough for my sister to watch Grey’s Anatomy. She was on best behaviour for the whole time and is now gradually winding up towards DefPie 1 for us this evening as a trade off…

Today we went back to m’parents’ house for what basically amounted to a Christmas dinner (complete with crackers) because that was how my little brother wanted to celebrate his 21st birthday. It was properly lovely, all sixteen of us were there, the food was delicious, the conversation was great, nobody had an argument(!) and then we all sat in the garden, in the sunshine, while the children played.

I love seeing all the children together, there are seven cousins now. They range in age from a couple of weeks right through to my Big Boy who is eleven, and they all adore each other. It’s a great dynamic, we’re really lucky. Which is why we are getting a small amount of grief for planning to move a whole three miles up the road (we all live within a short walk of each other). We’d like to think it won’t change anything, things will just be less spontaneous. It is a shame we can’t transplant our new house into this exact area, but there is always a compromise and this is ours.


<small sob>


Still, I suppose we can console ourselves with the shiny newness and general hugeness of the house, all being well.


Home now for baths and bed, all the children are pleasantly worn out and I’m about to settle in with Rob for some sofa and telly time (he deserves a rest, I suppose). I feel ready and recharged for the week ahead, because it feels like this weekend has been a rousing success.

Hurrah for the sunshine!


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