So the decluttering, dusting and mad tidying continues…


It’s a big day today. The Estate Agent is coming round later to do the photographs. It’s very exciting but I’m a mite stressed by it. We’ve kept the house at an acceptable level of clean and tidy all week, (well, by our standards) but now we really need to go into overdrive and clear the decks.

I staged some photos last week for some pre-emptive feedback online, and it opened up a whole new level of criticism that I hadn’t prepared for. I pride myself on my rhino hide where my home is concerned; developed mostly to deflect the well meaning ‘advice’ doled out daily by my wonderful mother and sister. We are not the world’s tidiest people and as much as I admire the glossy, minimalist, box fresh appearance of my loved ones’ houses, it’s never a look we’re never going to achieve for more than five minutes. We love all our things too much. And we’re too lazy busy with other important stuff.

Anyway, most of the feedback was really useful, in fact it all was, but some of it just wasn’t practical. We are taking the advice to change my lovely patchwork duvet for a plain one, for the photos. And we are going to move the bed around. I’ve rearranged the front room accordingly and it works. The kitchen is devoid of signs of life except a lonely fruit bowl *sob*. However grateful I am for all the pointers and the time people took to reply, we will NOT be putting the piano in the garage, or the computer away, or painting all my walls cream, even though it may be the best advice ever. And there really is nowhere else to put my bookcases. I have to find the balance between staging the rooms and living here until it’s sold. Obviously if we don’t get any offers I will rethink, but that’s where I’m at for today.

Putting it out there for feedback made it clear to me that taste and what people look for in a house are entirely subjective. I already knew this, of course, but it was interesting to see all the differing points of view on having a piano, toys and books in a room, for example.

I took my sister with me for the second viewing of the house we’re buying, and she really really really didn’t like it. All the reasons I love it (loads of room to improve, separate living room/kitchen/playroom) were reasons she hated it. She wants open plan living, I want a room I can shut the door on. She notices and recoils from wonky skirting boards and mismatched lightswitches, I think all those things are easily replaced to my taste. She lives for clean lines and bare surfaces, I like a degree of lived in clutter and All The Things. It takes all sorts, and thank goodness it does.

I’m confident that the right person for this house is out there (who knows, it could even be the people whose house we’re buying, they are coming to view next week…) but it doesn’t stop me having conniptions about todays big declutter. Which, really, I should start getting on with.

I will, of course, post photos for you all. Just let me get it all tidied up first.






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