New Year’s Resolutions.


Yeah, it’s that time of year again. Having looked back over last year with my last post, I am now looking ahead to 2014 with this one and ruminating on the things I’d like to achieve.

I’m into Dry January in a big way, I really enjoyed the freedom of it last year and carried it on into February. It didn’t last the year and I don’t really expect it to this year, but it’s a nice break for my poor addled liver (and purse). I haven’t smoked since NYE either, but that has more to do with the tail end of this stupid bug which is now into full blown snot and hacking cough territory. Bleurgh. No booze or fags will sort that out. So 2014 (or the first couple of months, anyway) is the year of Sobriety.

This year starts with us being out of debt and with healthy savings. We have done some complicated rearranging of finances, spurred on by a potential new house, and by using our previously untouchable savings we can clear all our debts and start the year with a healthy pot of saved money. If this house purchase happens we will be in a much bigger house and with much more disposable savable cash, and if not then we will be able to save tons and buy the next suitable house that comes along. So 2014 is the year of Untold Riches.

I have decided to be a better, more forgiving person. I spend too much time being stressed or shouty (with The Chums in particular) and fretting about things I can’t change. I resolve to be much calmer this year. I’m not particularly fighty anyway but I am checking out of any potential drama. It’s unhealthy and ridiculous to obsess and gripe about Other People because the only person anyone can change is their own self. So from now on I am a duck and it is all water. If the older Chums are squabbling, I will count to a hundred before wading in. If no one is getting ready in the morning I will refer them calmly to my timetable of events instead of roaring at them that we are late. If people on the internet are irritating me I will turn off the screen and do something else. And if my neighbour parks in my spot, well, actually I’ve always just laughed at that because it is a hilarious silent battle. So 2014 is the year of Zen.

Lastly, housework. I hate housework, I really do. It’s boring and I have many many better things to do. But I do like having a nice tidy house. Rob now does more than half the donkey work but we are still fighting daily against the piles of STUFF and clutter. It would be so much easier to keep tidy with less stuff to clear up. Our new house (fingers crossed) is twice the size. We don’t intend to move all the things in. You know how I dream of a skip? It’s happening. So I fully intend to have twice the house and half the stuff, and therefore no clutter and half the cleaning. It’s a whole plan. Even if this particular house doesn’t happen (it will it will it will though) I am still getting a skip and ruthlessly ridding our house of all the stuff we don’t need. Loads of it can go to charity as I don’t actually have a house full of rubbish, despite what my Mum says, but we do all own All The Things. So 2014 is the year of Minimalism.

So really, as ever, my resolution is to Be More Awesome. I am fairly awesome anyway but there is always room for improvement even for the best of us. Minimalism, Zen, Untold Riches and a dollop of Sobriety. Be More Awesome. It’s all happening.

That’s all for now. I will leave this post with the words of much wiser dudes than me: Be Excellent To Each Other.


About Just Some Stuff About Us

I live in West Sussex with three bonkers children and a Rock God for a husband. I'm somewhere in my thirties but I frequently have to count on my fingers to remember where exactly. I like to talk about myself and my chums. Some people like to read it.

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  1. I so know what you mean about the clutter. No matter how much I tidy, I still seem to have piles of stuff everywhere. The skip idea is soooo tempting!

    Be excellent to each other – what a nice phrase!

  2. I’m in for less clutter. We moved last year and it’s just expanded to fit the space. New house looks awesome, though, hope it all works out!

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