Stuff I have enjoyed lately. Mostly on the telly.


Smash. Have you seen it? It’s like Glee, but for grown ups. It’s SO much fun. And if, like me, you have a penchant for warbling along with stuff, it’ll be right up your Broadway. Gorgeous songs, beautiful people. It’s utter bobbins, story wise, obviously. But who cares when it’s this much fun?

I am also adoring Double Your House For Half Your Money. I have lots of lovely ideas for m’house from it but mostly I just watch it for the completely mentalski ideas that I am SURE are planted by the producers, and the Beeny’s rictus grin when confronted with them. She is all kinds of fab. Did you see her prog about her crumbling pile? No, not Embarrassing Bodies <hur hur>. The one where she was rebuilding her country manse. I liked her and her hordes of children. Good stuff.

What else? Oh god we watched The Masters Of Sex. Coincidentally we watched it after the new True Blood we’d skyplussed. My goodness. I felt quite sexed out after all that. I’ll have to watch it next week though, that and TB. Just to see how the story develops, you understand, not for prurient reasons. Oh, and I have discovered that Alexander Skarsgard does it for me even in full on nerd.



Anyway. Other stuff? I don’t watch half as much telly as I used to, time was I would put the babies to bed and have at least an hour to catch up on last night’s tv. Working out of the house full time has put the kibosh on that. Still, mustn’t grumble as I do rather love being all power suit worky pants as opposed to slobby Mumdrum, these days. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet 😀

Oh! Mount Pleasant. This little gem is underappreciated I think. Really wonderfully drawn couples and ‘real’ people (well, mostly) in a Manchester suburb. It’s on Sky1, do try to catch it. We’re on about season three, I think. It’s really heartwarming/wrenching stuff at times but really undemanding and easy to watch. It’s the most soap like thing I’m into, lately.

So that’s what I am mostly watching. Oh gads, apart from 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. I think it’s finished now but fuckeroo I was HOWLING at that every week. Whoever came up with that genius idea needs a knighthood RIGHT NOW. Well played, Channel Four, well played.

Right, Smash is on in ten and I have fizzy wine in the fridge for the enjoyment of. Laters homies xx


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