All change, please!


Hello all of you!

I have decided to dust off the ol’ blog and do a bit of catching up with you all. It’s all been such a big change since last time we spoke.

I am no longer childminding, I’ve been in my new job for about six weeks and I am having such a great time. Being able to put my Mum hat aside for eight and a half hours a day has made me much happier. We are on a learning curve with the house and childcare and things, but we are getting there. The Rock God is now cooking all our meals and I have relinquished control of the house, it hasn’t yet fallen down around our ears so it’s all good. His hours at work are changing next week so he will be home in time for school pick up, this should make his role a bit easier as for the last few weeks he’s been rushing from pillar to post. He’s been getting home, picking them up from two different CMs, straight home for tea, out to cubs etc. While I swan in at 6pm to my dinner on the table.

The Littlest Chum (who has just turned two) is having a wonderful time at his Childminder’s, he is a proper little person these days with an ever growing vocabulary and a healthy train obsession. The Boy is now eleven, and in his final year of primary. We have been to visit his secondary school and sent all his forms back and I’m trying not to cry when I think of my baby being nearly-almost-a-teenage boy. The Pie is growing up fast as well, she is nine, and now has pierced ears and dyed hair (well, the ends) and she is a fair bit calmer lately.

So generally, life is wonderful. All the pillars are in place now: relationship, job, family, friends, money etc. I’m very blessed. But this year has been quite hard, with some outside stressors that I’ve found tough. Starting with the thing that happened last summer, really, it’s been a bit of a pile-on of shit and drama at times. And I can’t be doing with all that.

Something fairly big was that we went to court to gain residency of the older Chums, and Parental Responsibility of them for the Rock God. It was quite a harrowing (and expensive) process but we did gain everything we needed and we no longer have that spectre hanging over us. It needed to be done (we’d put it off long enough!) and I’m glad we did but blimey I’m glad we don’t have to go through it again. It also left us a bit poor, which was stressful in itself.

I’ve had a few knocks and things I’ve found tricky in the past year or so, to be honest, but it’s not really my style to be down for long. I do think I have the best friends in the world, I don’t see ANY of them enough as life and in some cases geography gets in the way. But they all know who they are, and I would be a wet mess without them all. I am not unscathed by all my various setbacks, as some of you know, and I think it’s about time I did something about my internal stuff that doesn’t involve a bottle of wine. I think that now my external life is all sorted in all areas, I need to address my mental well being a bit before I hit the self destruct button. Time to stop pasting on a smile and saying it’ll all be fiiiine, maybe?



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