Poorly chums and other stuff



The Boy has some mystery ailment at the moment which is making him look like a Victorian orphan. His skin is sallow, his under eye bags need their own baggage allowance, he is constantly tired and achy and he is as miserable as sin. He has been sent home from school every few days, and they have stopped him doing PE. He’s been putting himself to bed at 7pm, and at weekends he’s been sleeping in until 10.

I am at a loss. He’s had one round of blood tests but needs to have another. They’ve ruled out lots of nasty stuff but are so far drawing blanks on what is causing it. I had to pick him up at lunchtime today as he was fatigued and had a raised temperature.

It’s been weeks and weeks now, he’s been sent home once or twice a week since the start of term. I am floundering slightly.

The Littlest Chum has to go in and have a small operation on his eye, his tear duct has never opened so they need to poke it with a pointy thing. I’m assured that it’s very routine and simple but I am obviously scared out of my wits. And at the moment he is fighting a horrible snotty cold so he looks like some gunkmonster from the depths, between his streaming eyes and overflowing nose. Gorgeous.

The Pie is my one healthy child (!) so with her I just have my usual worries about her slightly psychotic behaviour….

Next week will be a better week. I’ll have every single one of us at full speed. Promise.

On a cheerier note, in the last couple of months I have been for a fantabulous weekend with my Atrocious C*nts of Internetness (I’ve asterisked that for the faint of heart), had a wonderful night out with some v glamorous and gorgeous girls for E’s birthday, reconnected with a much missed old friend (SO glad we’re back to regular chats, I’ve missed you for the last fifteen years or so), got totally drunkered with my newish Horsham friend (well, I was drinkeredded, she may have been more sober), organised some much needed time with top banana friends who I don’t see often enough AND caught up with the first series of Boardwalk Empire. So life is, as usual, AMAZEBALLS.

I’m enjoying wine and pizza tonight, and ranting on Mumsnet, while I wait for The Rock God to stagger in after his first night out in months.

Love you all xx


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