Parking Wars!


I never thought I’d get into this, but I am going to be That Neighbour. I can’t help it. My hackles have been raised and my blood is up.

It’s the guy who lives opposite. He parks his car outside our house. ‘So what?’ I hear you groan, ‘it’s a public road.’ It is, I agree. But he leaves his driveway empty in order to park there. And he will move his car OFF his driveway in order to claim the space. 

So if any of our visitors, or any of the parents dropping off their children to me, dare park outside our house, he waits until they’ve moved and then he’ll move his car into ‘his’ space. He must watch for them to leave, because the speed with which he nips his car in there when they do is astonishing.

This has all come to a bit of a head for me because of a few things.

First, the Community Police bod mentioned in passing that they’d had an anonymous complaint that cars visiting my house were blocking the path. They sometimes do, it’s true. My mindees’ parents often park across my drive in order to drop off/pick up. It’s that or park a hundred yards down the road, not ideal when you’re rushing off to work and trying to wrangle young children. But a complaint has been made, so we need to find a solution.

Second, we had guests for dinner at the weekend who parked in the space, and after they’d left (literally, within two minutes) he had moved his car. Except, because they’d parked slightly across our drive, he was only moving it TWO FEET. I found that so extremely petty that I’ve decided I am In The Game.

Third, we are toying with buying a second car as The Tragedy is such a gas guzzling tank. And we’d quite like to park it on the drive. Which means my car will be going outside my house.

So from now on, I am going to leave the drive empty for my visitors. And I’m going to park outside my house. And if he parks there, well I’ll just damned well wait for him to drive off and then MOVE MY CAR.

This is war, baby.

<cackles maniacally>


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I live in West Sussex with three bonkers children and a Rock God for a husband. I'm somewhere in my thirties but I frequently have to count on my fingers to remember where exactly. I like to talk about myself and my chums. Some people like to read it.

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  1. I feel your pain and am rooting for you all the way! Petty minded parking behaviour is just so irritating. However, please do bear in mind my own cautionary tale (I’m still with you, because I feel your neighbour is the petty, unreasonable one in this – I just tell you this to make sure you don’t slip to the other side…) We have (1) no drive and (2) no place to park outside our house because it’s narrow and there’s a fire station just down the road, so we often have to park down the road outside some other houses. Public road, no allocated parking/parking permit etc but I know the householders consider them to be ‘their’ slots. I once had to take my small son to hospital, small baby in tow, early in the morning, and got to the car to find it completely blocked in on either side by the householders’ cars. No accident – the cars on either side of mine were practically touching the bumpers. Cue much angry ringing of doorbells, wailing and gnashing of teeth. I believe I may even have egged my children on to cry. Didn’t do much for neighbour relations, although it’s never happened since, especially since I laid on the sick child with cancer story, but it shouldn’t have been necessary. They could have come and spoken to me about it. Have you tried speaking to your neighbour?

    Good luck!

    • Oh that’s awful! I really hope it doesn’t escalate into stupidity like that.

      We have spoken to him a couple of times, he actually used to park a couple of feet over our drive if someone else was parked slightly in his space, but we asked him nicely not to and that hasn’t been a problem since.

      BUT our kitchen fitter asked him if he’d mind parking elsewhere for a week just while they were working and he got a mouthful for his trouble and a flat refusal.

      So I’m bracing myself.

  2. Sam

    I feel tha same about HIS son that parks infront of our house!! They know we have 2 cars and use our own space infront of our house but NOOOOO HE PARKS there!! We should park infront of his house and mess up his nice green grass infrint of it!! Grrrrt

    • Let’s do it. I’m going to park out the front all the time now. You should too. We can mock him with our empty driveways.


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