Day off.


I’m having an impromptu day off today, my usual mindees aren’t with me this afternoon but I didn’t know they weren’t coming until this morning.

So I’ve had a moochy sort of day. I’ve tidied the garden, done some washing, tried and failed to buy Olympic tickets AGAIN, dithered over buying a Steam Mop (I didn’t), bought the Boy a pirate costume, hung some pictures and now I’m bored.

The Littlest Chum is a bit clingy (teething), so all the stuff I’ve achieved today has been either in short bursts or with a Chum attached to me. I’m not complaining, he’s incredibly cuddly, but it doesn’t make it easy to do certain jobs.  There’s stuff to go in the loft, and hoovering is tricky. I haven’t yet managed to put any washing away, either

I have, however, managed to watch This Morning and Sixty Minute Makeover. I have also eaten the rest of the Ben and Jerries and had about five or six cups of coffee.

What shall I do now?


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