Oooh it’s been AGES….


…sorry about that. I’ve been busy with all sorts of exciting stuff. I shall fill you in.


My MOSTEST EXCITING NEWS is that my kitchen is being ripped out tomorrow and replaced by a brand spanking shiny new one. The Lovely Rock God has already taken off the floor-to-ceiling 70s tiles, and we have spent this weekend packing all the kitchen STUFF (so much stuff) into boxes. Oh, the fridge freezer was delivered the other day and is now looming, TARDIS-like, in the dining room. It’s HUGE.

I’ll keep you posted with how the work’s going, shall I?



The littlest Chum has a cold this week. It’s very cute, if a bit distressing, because he has actually lost his little voice. So he’s squeaking rather than crying. He’s nonetheless a happy guy, all smiles and chuckles still, just interspersed with coughs and sneezes. He wakes himself up with sneezing every so often and gives me a look of utter bewilderment, completely adorable.

Oh, and he has nails like tiny daggers, I trim them every single day but he still manages to scratch his face at least once a night. Poor baby.



Erm, what else? Oh, I can tell you about the Chums’ bedrooms. They are TIDY. And have been for over a week. This is a massive achievement, mostly brought about by me binbagging the majority of the crap they hoarded, but also because they have been making a massive effort to pick up after themselves. Long may it last.


Oh, I must tell you about the newest addition, my sister’s brand new baby girl. She is absolutely, completely, totally perfect and gorgeous. I am so proud of my sister, she is amazing. She now has two beautiful girls who I love with everything I have. I adore being an Auntie, it’s like parenting but without the boring bits.

So that’s the news from us. I promise faithfully that I will be a good girl and not neglect you all for so long again.


Right, must dash, as I have to clear the kitchen and then take the chums out to play in the snow.

See you soon xx





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