Weekends and how I love them


I really, properly, count the days until Friday. I am living for the weekends, I LOVE them at the moment.

I get to Thursday and I can start to TASTE it. It’s the not having to go anywhere-ness, not being responsible for anyone else’s children-ness, having the Rock God around all day-ness of them, I think.

I especially love weekends like this one where we have NO PLANS at all other than pottering, finishing off odd jobs and mooching.

There is some stuff to go up in the loft, the lawns need doing and the Chums’ clothes need sorting through. Even better, I can delegate ALL of that!

They are watching The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (good film, although they have butchered the storyline a bit). The Rock God is in the kitchen tidying up and putting the washing on. I have just had a lovely long soak in the bath and read my book.

The wonderful BoF (top banana friend and all round good-egg) sent me some perfume and a card in the post as a treat to cheer me up after my epic pregnancy moan. The very lovely A left me a bag full of towels to give birth on and instructions to rest and look after myself while she’s away on holibibs. K is also regularly checking in from HER holiday to tell me to take it easy. My Dad keps sending me little texts and emails to check after my well-being.  I am being thoroughly well looked after and I am feeling very spoilt and special.

I thought you might like to see some photos of my rather gorgeous family, and so as I’m feeling all full of cheer and good feeling, here are my favourite recent photos of the Chums:

Life is good.


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