Ok, that was really REALLY moany, that last post. So I’ll post about something fun instead.

Last Friday we went to Legoland and it was AWESOME.

We went en masse: me, the Rock God, The Boy, The Pie and my toddler mindee. My parents came (it was my Dad’s birthday) and my sister and her nearly two year old, and RG’s brother.

So lots of us.

We obviously picked a good day to go, the weather looked shit in the morning so perhaps that’s why. But it was perfect. Not too hot and not windy or wet or cold or miserable.

The longest queue we had was 45 minutes. How cool is that? That was for the Laser Raiders ride. The kids loved it. So did RG. He took it all very seriously, aiming his laser weapon at the Lego Mummies like a pro. Rather fabulously, on the way out there was a queue-less uppy downy fairground type ride for the bigger children, which made their day (and made me want to puke just watching it).

Then we grabbed some disgustingly delicious Hot Dogs and Nachos from a stall. Oh that was good. And not too pricey.

We stuffed our faces while watching the Pirate show in the harbour, brilliantly done and a hit with all of us.

We split up for a while after that so the bigger kids could do some bigger rides, and we took the little ones on the gentler attractions. I love that Legoland has so many things the smaller ones can do, it’s by far my favourite theme park because of that.

I totally loved the Boating School ride, as did the toddlers. What’s not to love about a scenic boat ride surrounded by Lego animals? The kids went off and did the Log Flume and the Driving School. Small kerfuffle when The Boy had a meltdown because he wanted an overpriced laminated driving licence, but he got over it quickly and we went off to go on the Atlantis ride.

WHICH WAS BRILLIANT! You go ‘underwater’ in a submarine (the bottom is submerged) and see huge rays, sharks, clownfish, mermaids, treasure, oh it was FAB.

And then on the way out they have more aquarium-y bits to interact with. We were very impressed.

Oh, and the best bit was that it was all paid for with Tesco vouchers. I think we woudl have resented paying £40 EACH for entry, but as it is it cost £13pp in vouchers, so well worth it.

A jolly good day out with the chums.


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